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New Facial Products
Published By Tulan on 2012-03-17 43 Views

Do these new facial products really ward of aging, wrinkled skin? We can always hope as long as the expense doesnít play havoc with our budgets. But is it worth spending our hard earned money on? Itís confusing to look at the tubes, jars, and bottles with labels that make these outrageous claims.Do they work or is it just another gimmick companies have to part us from our money? Maybe you know something I donít. If you are confused by all the facial products on the department store shelves and the jargon that comes with them, join the crowd. They all make big promises, that we secretly suspect are not true. We see the anti-aging creams, lotions, serums, firming, clarifying, and dozens more waiting for us to take them off the shelves for huge chunks of our budget. Cosmetic specialist, Paula Begoun says, ďThe days of plain water and wax moisturizers are over. No matter what your skin type, to be of value a skin product must have antioxidants, skin identical ingredients, and cell communicating ingredients. As long as your products have these ingredients, you will be taking the best care of your skin.Ē Begoun says, ďThere is no one best antioxidant, and many work well together, but the one thing they share is that they deteriorate quickly when exposed to air and light.Ē So buy them in opaque tubes with a small opening. You will find antioxidants in grape seed, green tea, vitamin C and E, pomegranate, or acai. Cell communicating ingredients tell skin cells to behave younger. Retinol and peptides are known for great results. Retinol is a name for vitamin A. It helps promote collagen production and improves elasticity. Peptides act as messengers between skinís outer and inner layers. They are great water retainers. Look for anything that has peptides or retinol on the label. Cell identical ingredients also help the skin retain water and keep the skin moist and supple. Look for labels that include ceramide, lecithin,glycerin, hyaluronic acid, sodium PCA, or cholesterol. Sunscreen is still the best protector of skin. The best care wonít do a thing for your skin if it isnít protected from the sun. So use a moisturizer with sunscreen in it, or apply it every morning over moisturizer.

Will these products really do anything more for our skin than plain old soap, water, and moisturizer? I wonder. Look around you and ask what face products your friends use. How do their faces appear, texture and wrinkle wise? Do the ones who do use these products look better than those who donít ? Let me know what you find out. I am very interested in the answer. Publish your articles and earn income. http://beyondjane.com/beauty/make-up-to-look-ten-years-younger/ Read more: http://tulan.quazen.com/shopping/new-facial-products/#ixzz1pQSnJg9O .
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